He didn’t wait for his payment.

The first thing I began talking to my new neighbors about, was if there was a better HVAC company in the area.

I got a few chuckles when I asked that question. One older lady told me there was a good HVAC technician, but there weren’t any HVAC companies. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had recently moved in, summer was quickly arriving, and I needed to have my air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced. She quickly gave me a phone number to call. The name at the top was simply Phil. I called the phone number and asked for Phil the HVAC technician. He said he was the one and only and asked who I was. After establishing our identities, I told him I was new in the neighborhood and I needed to have my air conditioning unit serviced. I told him that Peg said to give him her name. He chuckled and said he would be over in an hour. Apparently Phil and Peg knew each other well. It took him about half an hour to clean and service my air conditioning unit. I saw him cleaning up, but he never came into the house. I realized he had simply left, and I hadn’t had the chance to pay him. I asked Peg how I was supposed to pay him for the HVAC repairs and she smiled. She assured me that eventually Phil would have to return to service the furnace, and I could pay him them. I couldn’t believe he trusted a stranger to walk away without getting paid.

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