I had a smart thermostat installed.

My eyesight wasn’t what it once was, and I was getting frustrated.

The little things I used to see perfectly, were no longer able to be seen.

I still had the original dial thermostat in my home and it was time for it to go. I used to be able to dial in the temperature, but not anymore. Everything was approximate when it came to the thermostat. It changed in an increment of five to ten degrees. The dial on the thermostat had loosened over the years and every time I went by it, I would change the temperatures. There were times when I had air conditioning running in the winter or the furnace running in the summer. I knew I had to change some things and one of them was the thermostat. I got rid of the old dial thermostat and chose a new Smart Thermostat. This was an easy choice when I found out I was able to change the thermostat settings with my cell phone or tablet. The HVAC company helped to download an app on my tablet, which was a large print and I could easily see. I not only changed the temperature on my tablet, but I could also do many other things. I could check the air quality in the house and even see where I was losing energy. I used my thermostat mostly for temperature settings. I liked that I could turn the heating and air conditioning off in individual rooms when no one was using them. I had no wasted energy and I always had heating and cooling when it was needed.

a/c serviceman