I had to hire the HVAC and construction professionals.

There is something very gratifying about doing all your own remodelling.

  • I have already redone my master bathroom and the guest bathroom.

I even installed new ventilation systems into the bathrooms. Once I was done with these projects, I was ready to move on to my biggest and best project of all time; the kitchen. I had plans for adding a wall of windows in the kitchen. I wanted a full wall of glass that led out onto the kitchen patio. This meant I had to remove windows and move the doorway to accommodate its new glass status. The cabinets needed to be removed and replaced so I could have windows above the sink and cupboards. I also wanted to put in recessed LED Lighting and add new flooring. I looked at my plans and I knew I needed to hire professionals to complete this project. There was no heating or air conditioning in the kitchen and I wanted to have a ductless HVAC system installed. I called the contractor and he came over to discuss the work that needed done. He even called in an HVAC contractor to discuss the ductless HVAC. I loved my new kitchen by the time it was done, and I enjoyed the heating and air conditioning of the ductless HVAC. I was glad I allowed the contractor to convince me to have internal blinds installed in the windows. It saved a lot on my energy bill by not having the solar heating in the kitchen, during the summer. I finally have the kitchen of my dreams.