The HVAC contractor said the HVAC had to be replaced.

Six months ago, we bought a house.

At the time we bought the house, we had all our systems and the house inspected.

The contractor told us the house was in excellent shape, as were all the systems that went with the house. The HVAC contractor told us a different story. He said the HVAC system was on its last leg, and it would need to be totally replaced. This included the ductwork. We were a bit upset, knowing how much a new HVAC system could cost. The realtor told us she would talk to the owners and see if she couldn’t talk them into taking $10,000 off the asking price so we could have a new HVAC system installed. I was shocked when they agreed, but we bought the house. Two weeks after moving into the house, we called the HVAC company to discuss the new HVAC system. After he did his inspections, he said the furnace and air conditioning units both appeared to be fine. They needed some minor repairs and a good cleaning, but other than that, it was in good condition. He had a team of professional ductwork cleaners come in and clean, repair and sanitize the ductwork. I was beginning to feel guilty about taking that $10,000 off the old owners, but the HVAC tech said it wasn’t our fault. The contractor did his job by telling us about the condition of the HVAC. His job wasn’t to clean and make minor repairs, but to do a visual and turn the system on to make sure it worked and was in good shape. He said even he would have made the same assessment.

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