The office was set with Zone Control.

I work in a large office space that has several different zones for HVAC.

The way they set up the zones was by separating the room into four desk pods.

The desks were separated by partitions. Each pod had its own thermostat and were able to control their own HVAC environment. This sounded like a good idea in theory, but it didn’t work out very well for most of the workers. I happened to be in a pod where everyone enjoyed each other’s company. We worked together like a family. When Helen suffered from heat flashes, we all sucked it up. She would lower the thermostat so she wasn’t suffering for the half hour that it lasted. She was always good enough to return the thermostat to its normal setting of seventy-two. When I came in sick and couldn’t stop shivering, no one said work when I upped the thermostat to seventy-six. When I went home, they lowered it back to seventy-two. We have always been mindful of the HVAC needs of each other. If one of us is rocking out to a song on the radio, we don’t complain, because eventually one of the other of us was going to have a song that the rest of us didn’t like. It was like being a family. I’m glad I ended up in a pod that was able to get along. It has made for a better working environment, and I’ve made three amazing friends. I’m really glad the placement of a thermostat wasn’t able to keep us from getting to know one another.



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