The wood stove had to go.

There was one thing I remembered about the wood stove at the old cabin.

It was dirty, and it never really heated the entire cabin.

I know that is two things, but it is all because of the one thing which was the wood stove. When dad told me the cabin was now mine, I knew I was going to get rid of the wood stove. The cabin had been a big part of our growing up. We spent most of our summers in the cabin. I wanted to turn it into a home for myself and my wife. We did some sprucing up and brightened the look of the old cabin. We also ripped out the wood stove. I couldn’t believe how much more space we had once the wood stove and the brick that surrounded it, was gone. This left us with a big problem. We had to have heating for the cabin. Although the cabin was always cooler than our home, nights could still get pretty uncomfortable. We wanted to have heating and air conditioning. I called the HVAC contractor and inquired about heating and air conditioning. After a complete inspection, he said that central HVAC was not a good option for the space. There would be a lot of construction, just trying to install ductwork. He suggested we consider having a ductless HVAC system installed. I couldn’t remember a time when we had lost electricity, but he also suggested we get a generator that would automatically start if the power should go out. Since we were going to be living here full-time, I thought this was excellent advice.

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