We kept put the job off.

I know how important it is to have the HVAC ductwork cleaned on a regular basis.

My dad was an HVAC technician and he told his clients it was important to have it done every two to three years.

If you were doing any kind of construction in the house, the ductwork should be cleaned and sanitized as soon as the project is completed. I had just installed a new bathroom. I had old broken wallboards and tile everywhere. There were heaps of plaster laying all over the floor. My air vents are on the floors, and I was pretty certain a lot of the plaster had gotten into the air vents. That meant that plaster was being circulated throughout my home via the ductwork. Once my bathroom was completed, I stepped back and admired how pretty it looked. I then had to call the HVAC company. I told them about my project and how I wanted to have the ductwork cleaned. I had promised my dad I would have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized as soon as I moved into the house, but I wanted to finish the new bathroom first. I didn’t want to have the HvAC company clean the ductwork and then two months later come back and do it again. Ductwork cleaning could be expensive, and that was double the expense. Once I did have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized, I was glad I did. The air quality was so amazing in the house. There was no dust in the air, and the air didn’t smell like old plaster.

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