We should have thought about radiant heated flooring.

We also had the wrong type of heating for radiant heating.

When we first started working on our new home, we knew we would need a new HVAC system. My husband was sure that the first thing we should do was install the HVAC so we could install the flooring after the ductwork was in place. We weren’t going to do all the work on our own, so we called the HVAC contractor and the building contractor. We picked out all the kitchen equipment, lighting and anything else that didn’t involve the building. Once we started working on the house itself, I told my husband it would be nice if we could have radiant heated flooring. We were putting tile throughout the house, and I knew it was going to be cold. I told him that since radiant heating would heat the tiles, it would also heat the rest of the house. Since the floors were going to be warm, we wouldn’t be using as much energy. I wasn’t happy when the HVAC contractor told us it was too late to install radiant heated flooring. The tiles were already being laid, and we would need to remove all the tiles if we wanted radiant heated floors. We also had the wrong type of heating for radiant heating. I was really bummed, but my husband told me we could place the air vents where the heat would flow over the floor instead of right up into the air. I was happy when I heard this. It wasn’t radiant heating, but I wouldn’t freeze my feet either. At least we had a lovely old house, and excellent heating and air conditioning.


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