HVAC maintenance saved my grandpa’s health

The two of us grew up living next door to our grandparents, especially after grandma had an accident, my parents had insisted they move closer, and that way, the people I was with and I could all take care of them. The two of us enjoyed having them around, and life was fun. The two of us grew up and left to find our paths. However, we would always come back home to visit our parents and grandparents. Last Springtime, my Dad called to tell me that grandpa wasn’t feeling well, and that he had a nasty cough and was wheezing a lot! I went home and wondered if the A/C in their house was the issue, but no 1 had diagnosed the air conditioner plan in a while, and I knew it could affect someone’s health. The next afternoon, I phoned an HVAC business near us to come and take a look. An hour later, an A/C worker arrived at my Grandparent’s home, ready to take a look. He would check the indoor and outdoor A/C plus also tackle the air vents. True to my thoughts, the air conditioner was the source of the problem. The HVAC expert informed myself and others that it was covered with mold and mildew, but when turned on, it would spew spores all over the house, which my grandparents inhaled. That was why my grandfather was coughing and having trouble breathing. The two of us discussed the HVAC servicing costs since I wanted him to also check the air conditioner on our house next door. I could not guess the amount of junk that was coming from the house air ventilation system. It was better to pay for an aircon service plan and have the systems diagnosed twice a year, once the people I was with and I did that, there would be fewer incidences of ACs making those I loved sick. When the HVAC mechanic was done, there was a big difference in air quality, and my grandpa got better.


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