Hydronic floor heaters is a revolutionary technological advancement

I had a friend who moved in with her husband for the first time right after her wedding.

Nowadays, couples tend to live together before marriage, so it was refreshing and odd to see her do it the old fashion way.

She said that moving in together was hard at first, but they were able to bond and connect as they worked on renovations for the house. Their heating system had to be completely replaced since the previous owner installed the current heater about eleven years ago. Since they purchased the home in November, they had to really step on it to get a new heater installed before the tough winter months arrived. Their HVAC technician told them about hydronic floor heating as an option. They had planned to just go a traditional route with a central heater, but they figured they went traditional in their relationship, so why not mix it up a bit? They ventured into hydronic floor heating and were surprised to find how energy and cost efficient the option was compared to central floor heating. And on top of that, they enjoyed it more!! They said that the first day they used the floor heaters was the day that their eyes had been opened to non-traditional methods of living. The floor heaters were so good that they laid on them for a while and ended up taking a nap on the floor, and that became their first marriage tradition! I thought it was super weird, but I’ve never experienced floor heating, so I can’t really judge.


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