I infiltrated another HVAC unit.

After implanting a chip in the hot water boiler and multi split air conditioner in the southern castle, and also in the multiple furnaces of the northern capitol, I was sent to the east capital building.

This proved to be the most challenging.

I was sent as an HVAC technician to the capitol building. I was sent to the HVAC room to work alone on the HVAC units. It seemed too easy. I planted the chip in the central air conditioner, then the hot water boiler. When I was finished packing up my heating and cooling equipment for sale, a man walked into the HVAC room with a serious look. He said “I know who you are, and I know you are not our capital’s real heating and cooling technician! He drew a longsword and a fight was on. While I was an HVAC technician and went to heating and cooling school for a career, when I was accepted into the secret society, I was trained in all the arts of fighting. There was an intense battle, and my goal was to leave this fight without damaging the hot water boiler heating system and the central air conditioner so there was no suspicion. I defeated the enemy and checked the a/c unit and boiler and was glad to find not even a scratch. I grabbed my HVAC equipment and went out of there as quickly and quietly as possible. The plan was nearly complete, and soon every capital would have a bug in their air conditioning system and furnaces.

HVAC zone control