I made a youtube channel

I made a youtube channel dedicated to HVAC information.

It all started when I became an HVAC technician.

I was tired of being called into people’s homes to fix tiny problems with their window air conditioner or gas furnace that could have easily been fixed by the person themselves. In this channel I made videos on how to do simple HVAC tasks like changing your central air conditioner’s air filter, or small fixes for your zone controlled heating system. All of these things nearly anybody could do on their own. As an HVAC technician you might be asking why I would be bothered that HVAC customers keep calling me to do little tasks like changing their central air condiiner’s air filter. My answer is that I am tired of rushing to someone’s home hoping for a real HVAC challenge and being disappointed. I once went to a home that said their furnace had not been working for days. The problem was that they forgot to turn it on. The invention of the smart thermostat has helped tremendously, but many people don’t have or can’t afford a smart thermostat so they settle with their dial thermostat or programmable thermostat. So after being annoyed, I finally started my heating and cooling youtube channel. Every time I go to a home to fix an air conditioner or heating system, I leave them a card with my channel on it. My most liked and watched video is the one titled “how to change the air filter on my multi split air conditioner.” Many have come to rely on my HVAC youtube channel.
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