Saving money by stopping direct sun heating

There have been plenty of lessons for me to learn when I moved south.

Many of them were cultural.

I am from the New England region and I have to say there was a learning curve when it came to southern culture. I also had plenty to learn about some of the favorite foods down here as well. That was a good lesson as I’m just in love with the cuisine here. But I had to learn the hard way when it comes to paying far less on my HVAC cooling bill. And it was something pretty straight forward really. But for me, it was a complete unknown as worrying about HVAC cooling is all new to me. Where I came from, the whole focus was really just on the gas furnace and how to keep warm in the winter without getting ruined by high heating costs. We moved into a home where we didn’t have neighbors close to us. This was a first for us as we lived almost on top of people where we came from. So we decided to do without window treatments. It made sense to us both because we wanted to take advantage of all 360 degree views from our windows. But then the summer months rolled around. And the HVAC cooling bill went right through the roof. I thought there was something wrong with the HVAC equipment so I called the HVAC company. The HVAC technician confirmed that our HVAC equipment was in great shape. But he said our problem was direct sunlight heating up the air in our house. We now have solar shades and a utility bill we can live with.
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