Space heaters will always come second best to floor heating systems

I’ve lived in the South since I was a baby, so you could say that twenty years later I am pretty used to living in a hot and humid climate.

My childhood memories always stem from being soaked in my own sweat, and damp at all times from the moisture in the air.

It was a rare sighting to have a good hair day. Now that I am older, I aim to help other Southerners adapt to both hot and cold weather in a way that makes sense. Though the winters do not get incredibly cold, it’s important to have some type of heating system because your body is not very used to managing during cold weather. My parents had a central heating system, and used space heaters additionally in each bedroom. I always thought that space heaters were the best heating option because you received direct air flow of heat. When I learned about floor heating, I figured that was only something that people from the North used. However, after learning how cost effective and energy efficient heated floors could be, I figured I would try it out in my own Southern home! I got a great quote from my local HVAC technician. It was important for me to have a good price because I had learned how expensive the down payments costs of floor heating is. However, the monthly costs are less than the costs of a central heater! I loved my floor heating system so much that I only used a space heater once or twice that first winter season.
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