The air conditioning at new apartment developments is absolutely incredible

My boyfriend and I have been looking for our next apartment for a while now.

  • We want something new and modern in a safe part of town, but it’s so hard to find one with a decent price.

There’s a new development opening up in a few months so we decided to add our names to the waitlist for their grand opening specials. You can imagine how amazing it feels to walk into a leasing office with pristine air conditioning on a really hot day in the middle of summer. I would have kissed that air conditioner if I could. We were able to take a look at a few of the model units and they all had the same beautiful air conditioning system that the leasing office had. I expressed to the leasing consultant how much I loved a good working air conditioner since living in the South and she explained how newer developments who are built in a certain timeframe receive really high quality HVAC systems. Apparently the air conditioner is top of the line and used in hospitals and the White House! We were so excited about getting a good air conditioner at such a great price with the special that we applied to live there right after the tour. One of the maintenance guys was walking through just before we left so I chatted with him for a bit to get a better understanding of the air conditioner and just how great it really is. He told me that sometimes he goes into the model units for lunch just because the air conditioning is so great.


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