The final mission

The final steps were in play.

Every furnace and cooling system in the capital building of dozens of countries had a chip in them.

This chip would override the smart thermostat, wifi thermostat, dial thermostat, and any other thermostat that was connected to it. It would cause the HVAC units to send poison through the air ducts at the time that the leader of the secret society chose. Only one set of chips malfunctioned and did not work. I am the only secret agent in the society that also has an HVAC degree. I went to college to become an HVAC technician and the owner of a heating and cooling business before I became part of the secret society. I was the only one who could fix the chips in the hot water boiler and central air conditioner at the capitol in the east. I felt the pressure because I only had a couple of hours to insert the new chips, but first I had to stop at a heating and cooling business to look for certain heating and cooling equipment for sale. I needed a tool that was typically only used on a multi split air conditioning system. After a long search, I found the part and headed to the capital. I posed as a normal HVAC technician and went into the HVAC room. After getting the old chips out I inserted the new and tested them to make sure they were capable of overriding the smart thermostat and blowing the poison out of the air ducts. I finished my mission just in time.

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