The plan was initiated

Now that every capital building in our area had a chip in their central air conditioners, hot water boilers, and other heating and cooling systems, it was time to initiate the plan.

The goal was that a single button would be pressed, and the chips in the HVAC units would unleash a strong poison.

This chip was also able to override any smart thermostat or other HVAC computer systems. The chip would cause both the furnace and the cooling system to blow at full blast, and the poison would be pushed through all the air ducts of the building. The chip would be set off when the leaders of the country were all meeting inside of the building. They would hear the central air conditioner and furnace kick on, but by the time they caught on to anything, the poison would have already come through the air ducts and all of their minds would be controlled by a computer system the leader of our secret society had. It all was coming together perfectly except for one particular HVAC system. The capital in the east had a defective chip in its gas furnace and central air conditioning unit. I was sent to replace the chips with new HVAC chips, but I only had a couple of hours to complete this mission. The tension was high. Would my HVAC training I had from going to heating and cooling school be enough to help me infiltrate the gas furnace and central air conditioner in time? I felt the pressure like I never have before.


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