There should be multiple technicians present for an air conditioning installation

We moved into an older home last year and we had to upgrade a lot of things.

  • We loved the neighborhood since it has a lot of history and it’s in a wonderful school district.

Not to mention, there’s a park around every corner to walk our dogs and take our kids to play. But the amount of money we poured into this home was not worth all of the headaches that came with it. The inspection for the air conditioner was completed a few weeks before we moved in, and everything came back clear. The inspection report stated that the air conditioning and heating system had been replaced six years prior and would not need to be replaced for at least four more years. After about seven months of living there, the air conditioner completely broke down once the Summer heat rolled around. We called the inspector and an air conditioning technician to come and fix the problem. They found that the previous owner tampered with the report to reflect that the air conditioner was newer than it actually was so that they could make more money from it. We had a technician come and redo the entire system, but he screwed up so badly that another two technicians had to come the following week and redo the entire thing. I don’t understand why that first technician came alone because it’s definitely a two person job, but I’m glad we finally had this nightmare taken care of. Fortunately, we were able to sue the previous owner for tampering with official insurance reports so we didn’t need to pay for the new install.

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