Decided to move to the South with my wife

My wife and I were married for a long time before she finally convinced me to move to the South.

She was from there and that’s where all her family lived. Still, most of my family lived up north and I wasn’t sure that I was ready to leave them all behind. Of course, I loved my wife a great deal and I wanted her to be comfortable. She could have gone for anybody, but she chose me. I thought I was keeping her comfortable though because I regularly kept up with the heating system and the fireplace, and I made sure to have back up portable heaters in case we needed them under a nasty blizzard or something like that. She appreciated the heating systems but she always felt way too frosty no matter how much we cranked up the heating system and relaxed in front of the fireplace. So we finally moved to the South and I was experiencing what I thought might be culture shock. Everything was different, the way people dressed, acted, and how they prepared for the winter season. Honestly, we hardly even have to use the heating system anymore and it’s difficult for me to adjust to this. It always feels way too hot, especially in the summer now. We have to keep up with the A/C system all the time to make sure that it doesn’t break down. My wife’s family is great too and they tell me I’ll get used to the hot weather. I have to be honest, I don’t know how long I’m going to last in the South and I can’t get enough A/C these days.

a/c worker