Didn't expect to get a date when I was laughing in the library

She said it was a shame because she had some salmon thawing in the fridge

When I was at the library awhile back, I was reading this really funny book. I love spending time reading books at the library because they have the best HVAC system around with amazing temperature control settings. The air quality couldn’t be better because they have a powerful air purification system, so I naturally feel the most comfortable in this place. Well, as I was laughing aloud, people kept telling me to please be quiet. I apologized and tried to continue reading my book. I couldn’t help it, I just kept blurting out with laughter and I had to excuse myself. Well, I didn’t expect one of the ladies in there to follow me out the door. She asked me what in the world was so funny and I told her it was the book I was reading. I showed her the book and she said she loved that book! When I told her the part I was at and why I kept laughing, we shared a laugh together. She asked me if I would like to come over for dinner and we could finish reading the book together afterwards in front of her fireplace. I thought that sounded pretty nice and so I accepted the date. I warned her though, I didn’t like fish so I hoped she wasn’t making something like that. She said it was a shame because she had some salmon thawing in the fridge. I apologized and then she laughed and said she was joking. She didn’t like fish either, and that was something we had in common right away.



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