I didn’t like the fish much, but the chicken was to die for

My wife and her father always insisted that I come to this particular restaurant where they supposedly had the best fish fry around.

  • I never was a big fan of fish and I tried to tell them that, but they insisted that I come out for the good food.

I told them I would just go once and I would try the fish. I said if I didn’t like it, I would respectfully give my food to the dog. They said that was fair and so we went. First thing I noticed was that the A/C was amazing. I couldn’t believe how excellent the air quality was too and I had to ask about it. They said the place was hooked up with a UV air purification system. The UV light works to kill mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other types of pathogens. It even works to kill mildew and that’s a pretty major plus. It was no wonder why the place didn’t smell bad even though they were cooking all kinds of fish. Normally strong smells of fish make me want to gag, but I didn’t feel that way at this place. I tried the fish but I honestly didn’t like it much. My father-in-law kept saying I just needed to use the tartar sauce, but that didn’t improve the flavor that much for me. Well, I tried it as I said I would but I packed up the rest to give it to my dog Blu. At least that would be a meal that he would truly enjoy. The good news though was that they told the waiter ahead of time that I might not like the fish, so I had a backup order of chicken. The chicken was to die for! I may not like the fish, but I’ll go back to that comfortable spot anytime to enjoy their chicken meals!

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