I got such nice gifts for my birthday

When my children got me this really nice tablet for my birthday, I was having fun setting everything up just the way I wanted.

I enjoy playing spades online and other games similar to that and I was easily able to play my games on the tablet.

Then my wife said I was really going to love the present she got for me. All my children were smiling like they knew exactly what the gift was and from the look on their faces, it was going to be something I would appreciate. It was a smart thermostat! I always wanted to have one of those because I heard you could save big money on the energy bills. My wife said that was true, but that wasn’t the only thing I would love about it. She said that I would be able to control the temperature control settings with any wifi device, including my tablet! I was shocked when she told me this news. I would frequently go to adjust the temperature control settings on the smart thermostat because I would feel too hot or too cold at different times of the day. Well, with this amazing remote control of the new thermostat, this was going to make things a lot easier for me. I even tried it out after playing some spades on my tablet and I easily opened the app and made the adjustments. I really appreciate how easy it is to control the new thermostat, and I also appreciate the lower energy bills! I’m so glad my family was this thoughtful for my birthday.

Air conditioning worker