I maybe should have followed my gut not to enroll into an HVAC service plan

The other day, my wife was telling me that we should get ourselves enrolled in an HVAC service plan.

  • I told her that we didn’t need to make any changes with our HVAC maintenance because everything was going just fine.

Then she told me how much money we would save with the HVAC service plans. She said we already knew these guys were good at taking care of our maintenance, why not make a commitment to saving money. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to get stuck in a contract. It seemed like so many things could go wrong and I felt like once I was in a contract, I would want to move to a different HVAC company who had better services and perhaps for a lower price. That is something I would do from time to time, check out the sales going on with other HVAC companies and take advantage of those sales. One time there was an HVAC company doing cheap ductwork cleaning and they provided a free HEPA filter when going for the service. That was really nice and we had awesome air quality while we were using that HEPA filter. Typically I don’t use those because they are just too expensive. Well, my wife finally convinced me that we needed to save this money, and so we enrolled in an HVAC service plan. I felt like I shot myself in the foot though because as soon as we signed up for this HVAC service plan, another HVAC company was having a crucial sale on HVAC maintenance which also included more free HEPA filters!

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