I’m always cooking on the grill even during the winter months

I really enjoy cooking on the grill as much as I can.

Even in the winter, I am always trying to get out there to fire up the grill. My wife always says that I am crazy, but I love cooking all kinds of great stuff out there. I love it when we do ribs because they are to die for, but I try to slow cook those for a few hours before they are ready. Steak is always good and it’s always enjoyable to go for hot dogs and burgers as well. I only get fresh ground burger meat so it’s always good quality. I also only buy a certain brand of hot dogs because they are the best quality around and taste amazing. I honestly never liked hot dogs much until I tried this particular brand of hot dogs known as Sahlens. I have been out there on the grill during some of the coldest weather. I usually won’t grill if it’s snowing because I don’t want any of that snow touching the food, but I can handle some severely freezing temperatures. It basically just means that I have to use more charcoal so that the food is able to cook just fine. I also have to keep the grill closed a lot to make sure the meat is cooking thoroughly. It has become an art I guess you could say, but I always feel happy when Iget back inside and am welcomed by a warm house thanks to the gas furnace. We also have a fireplace and my wife will typically get a fire going in the fireplace so I can warm up next to it. Then she’ll fix me a plate of some of the stuff I just brought inside from the grill. The food is always so good too, especially when enjoying it in front of the fireplace.


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