It was difficult when my wife was recovering from a terrible infection

My wife was struggling really badly when she was dealing with a painful infection.

She had to get on antibiotics and remain in bed so she could recover her strength.

While she was basically out for the count, I had to pick up the slack with things around the house. I made sure the kids had everything for school and didn’t miss their buses. At the same time, I had to take care of the baby and make sure my wife was feeling alright. Fortunately, I already upgraded our HVAC system to HVAC zone control. While she was having hot and cold flashes as was a side effect from the medicine she was using, I didn’t have to deal with the continuous changes to the temperature control settings. She was in a bed which was in a zone of its own, and she had the smart app on her phone to adjust the thermostat whenever she felt the need. I also would bring her food and drink throughout the day and made sure she had ice-packs to put on her head. She struggled really badly for a few days, but I was so happy when she was finally able to recover. I couldn’t even sleep in the same room because the temperature control settings were like a wild roller coaster ride. One moment the heating system was on and the next it was like the North Pole. I hope she never has to face a situation like that again because it was pretty miserable. The kids are thankful especially because her sandwiches for their lunch are way better than the ones I made, and they missed spending time with their mother.

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