They have to ask me now when they want the temperature control settings changed

It’s crazy, I never fought over the temperature control settings with my wife.

We always agreed on a certain temperature control setting and just went with it.

When we had children though, things changed. Suddenly our children were fighting all the time, especially over the temperature control settings. I thought they would be able to handle getting along and not adjusting the thermostat all the time. As soon as they learned how to do that, it became a problem. Our son was always trying to crank up the A/C system, even when it was cold outside. I yelled at him to not do that and told him to just open the windows if he was feeling overheated, since it was chilly outside. Then our daughter was trying to turn on the heating system right after he had the cooling system working. I had to do something because I realized they were going to cause the energy bills to skyrocket with all this back and forth while keeping the HVAC system working hard. So I ended up speaking with an HVAC professional who suggested a couple of things. He said I should definitely go for HVAC zone control which would allow customized temperature control settings in different sections of the house. The other thing he said was to get a smart thermostat so only I could adjust the temperature control settings with a pin code. I thought this was brilliant, so I went for the HVAC upgrades. Now I have it so the kids have to ask me to adjust the temperature control settings in different areas of the house, and I love it!

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