Mistakes I made as a newbie HVAC technician

I laugh plus cringe every time I remember our afternoons as an apprentice in a local supplier that provided air conditioner service! I was only 23 at the time plus I assume I made every mistake in the book, and there was this time I accompanied the air conditioner serviceman to a house where we were supposed to do an air conditioner service service! After inspection, our senior went to assure the homeowner that it would only take us a few hours to finish finally working on the Heating & A/C unit.

By the time he came back he found me staring at the device wide-eyed plus I had to tell him I had shorted out the compressor; He was livid since he had made it clear that I was not to touch anything before he came back, this meant that the task would take much longer than it was supposed to before our interference; During the training period, I found air conditioner installation to be the easier part since it was setting up the plan using new air conditioner equipment.

It has been more than seven years now of being an air conditioner supplier plus I have learned so much more about air conditioner, it has become an hour language. Gone are the days when I could not diagnose a poor TXV while we were in air conditioner service. Right now I can even work on a commercial air conditioner plan without breaking a sweat. I have also seen a number of homes with a dial thermostat reduce over the years as people opt for more advanced options. Being a cooling system workman had its advantages. For instance, I installed a ductless multi-cut in our house with the help of a colleague making the service charge zero.
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