Did you see that air conditioning unit?

My husband and I were heading south to visit his mother. We were traveling down the interstate, and a large tractor-trailer went flying by us. It was taking over half of the lane that we were in because of the huge load it had on the trailer. I looked up at the contents and I swore that it looked just like an air conditioning unit. I knew it could not be an air conditioning unit, because I couldn’t imagine anyone needing an air conditioning unit that huge. I looked over at my husband, and I asked him if he saw the air conditioning unit? He told me it must be going to one of the malls or a hospital or some other large building. That’s all he could think that would need an AC unit that large. The air conditioning unit on the back of that truck was almost as big as our house, and it threw me to see that AC unit on the truck. Once my husband mentioned hospitals or malls, I knew he had to be right. I would hate to have to be the HVAC technician that had to get that AC unit up on top of the building and install it. I then turned to my husband and asked him why anyone would want to install an AC unit like that when it was still winter. The temperatures were in the teens and they would be on top of a really big building where the wind was always blowing. My husband rolled his eyes and told me I was a smart woman and I should figure it out on my own.


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