It surprised me when the HVAC company refused to come to the house.

I grabbed the card and called the number that was there.

Six months ago, my husband and I moved into our new home. We were so excited to finally have a home that we could call our own, and not have to pay someone rent for living in theirs. The first six months we were in the house, we spent all of our time doing minor repairs. We knew that before winter arrived, we were going to have to have a new furnace installed. When we had the furnace installed, we were also going to have central air conditioning installed and remove the old window air conditioners. Before we could have this work completed, we wanted to make sure we had the new bathroom installed, and new flooring in the house. Finally we had the repairs complete, and it was time to call the HVAC company. When we bought the house, the owner had given us the card from the HVAC company that they had always used. I grabbed the card and called the number that was there. I gave them my name and the address, but the receptionist was no longer being nice. I questioned her about her attitude, and she told me that until we paid our bill, they would no longer do service on our HVAC equipment. I tried explaining to her that those people didn’t own this house any longer, but she didn’t want to hear it. I had to speak to the owner of the company and explain to him that we were not the same people who lived in that house a year prior, before he would consider sending an HVAC technician to our house.

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