Last summer was the last time it worked

My husband and I have been using the same window AC unit for the past 15 years.

We only use the window AC unit when the temperatures are extremely hot and humid. This occurs during the month of July and sometimes it is still warm during August as well. Since we only use the window AC unit for a couple of weeks during the year, it does not go through a lot of wear and tear. We never had any problems with the AC unit until this summer. Last Summer, the AC unit ran most of August and all of July. It cooled the living room and the kitchen with ease. I never had a single issue. It was running just fine when we took it out of the window and put it in the garage until the next year. I was surprised when I could not get the AC unit to power up. I thought there was a bad connection and I tried resetting the breaker. When my husband came home from work, he was equally perplexed with the problem. There was absolutely no reason why the AC unit should not have worked, but it was clearly a goner. We tried a few troubleshooting steps my hubby found online, but he decided to take the unit to the trash. We went to the hardware store to find a new AC for the living room. Even though the old machine lasted a long time, I was still excited to buy something modern and new. After all, fifteen years is a good lifespan for an AC unit.