On the tenth day, I was ready to call anyone for any price

When the furnace broke down last spring, I told my husband to call a repair service.

He was convinced that he could figure out the repair on its own, and he didn’t want to pay for an expensive repair service since it was spring.

If the machine is to be repaired, he wanted to wait until the following season to do it. He didn’t want to spend money for a professional and he was sure he could fix the furnace. I was aggravated with the choice, but I didn’t argue with my husband since he is the man in the family. The man makes the rules and it is up to me to follow his command. A few days after the furnace broke down, my husband still had not repaired the system. I was starting to become very frustrated. The kids were complaining about the cold temperatures inside of the house and I wasn’t feeling particularly warm and cozy either. On the 10th day without heat in the house, I was ready to call anyone for any price. I woke up that Monday morning and there was no heat. My knees and my legs ached. I contacted a furnace repair service in town and I asked for a quote on the services. They came to the house and performed a free estimate. When I found out it was only going to cost $200 to repair the furnace, I paid the contractor. When my husband came home from work, he was very unhappy that I spent money without asking. I thought in this case, it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

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