Space Heater Alternatives at No to Low Cost

Even if your heating system is well-maintained and functioning properly, there are a few low-cost things you can do to boost heat or minimize heat loss.

  • In a cold room, running the oven for an hour to bake a pie might make a remarkable effect.

Obviously, you can’t do this every day, but it can assist if your condition is just on really cold days. You also get to eat pie! This is the most delectable alternative to a space heater. Heat can be lost through leaky windows and inadequately insulated walls and floors in an old building. If you don’t want to undergo a major remodeling, you may do some little weather-proofing chores to really warm things up. Weatherstripping or caulking around windows, lined curtains, window insulation sheets, or rugs that keep air out from beneath doors and windows are all options. These may be the only space heater choices you require. If you have forced air heat and a room that never gets enough warm air from the registers, an in-line duct booster fan may be the solution. This blower fan is meant to be installed within a standard-sized metal duct and automatically activates when the furnace is turned on to improve air flow through that duct. If you have a fireplace that makes it really warm in one area but much too cool in another, this is one of the most effective space heater solutions. Room-to-room fans, also known as through-the-wall vent fans, aid in the even dispersion of heat throughout your home. An intake blower is positioned in the heated room’s wall, with a diffuser directing the air to an adjacent cooler room. These may also be used to circulate cold air throughout the summer.


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