The AC had a weird and strange odor

After my previous tenants moved out, I decided to paint the rental house before someone was moved in. I painted the house on my own so I could save money by not hiring a professional. I turned on the AC while I was painting. I knew it would help remove the odors and keep the temperatures cool and comfortable. Immediately after the AC turned on the first time, I smelled a very weird and strange odor. I thought it was the paint at first, but the odor seemed to get stronger every time the AC was on. The smell occurred even after I was done putting two coats of paint on the interior walls. I decided to contact an HVAC repair company to check on the odor. The first thing they suggested was the ductwork. They felt the smell could be pet hair in the ductwork. I did not know the previous tenant had pets in the house, but it was very easy for the HVAC repair technician to find proof. The odd odor in the ductwork was actually coming from the amount of hair and pet dander built up inside of the ducting. The HVAC technician told me that the best course of action was a full cleaning and sanitizing of the ductwork. It was $650 for the expensive maintenance, but I charged the previous tenant. I had already returned her security deposit, but I sued her for an additional $650 to cover the cost of the ductwork cleaning. She didn’t show up to court and the grant awarded the judgment to me.

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