We had to start the wood-burning stove.

This week, the weather has taken a startling downturn. Where last week we were enjoying 50° weather, this year it is in the mid-20s. Our nighttime temperatures are in the single digits. When our furnace couldn’t keep up with the cold weather, we decided to start the wood burning fireplace. It wasn’t really a fireplace, but more a wood burning stove that was placed in an old fireplace opening. I didn’t like it when we had to start the wood burning stove, because every time we used the wood burner my asthma would act up. I hated coughing and not being able to breathe, but I hated being cold even more. If we were to continue using the furnace when it was running so hard, I was afraid we were going to do serious damage to it. So, the only other option was to start the wood burning stove, and use it to keep the main part of the house warm and the furnace would only be used to keep our bedroom warm. My husband went outside, and brought in several large arms full of wood and placed it in the wood bin right outside the kitchen door. He soon had seven loads of wood brought up and more woo placed around the porch railing. I questioned him on why we needed so much wood when all we had to do was get through the evening. He told me he had been listening to the weather report and along with the low temperatures, they were now predicting up to a foot of snow in the next three days.

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