You Don’t Have to Be Hot in Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are great places to sit and relax, read, sip a refreshing drink, or simply admire your container plants and flowers.

Nonetheless, a sunroom may get a little scorching in the summer, and it may be essential to chill off now and again.

The appeal of portable or window air conditioners has always been their low cost and lack of need for ducting. The disadvantage has been that they have generally been loud and obnoxious. Ductless mini split systems are a type of heat pump that doesn’t need ducts to distribute air. An outside compressor/condenser and an inside air handler are connected via a conduit with the refrigerator lines and wiring. Mini splits are a wonderful alternative for cooling/heating small areas without extending ducting. They are quiet and tiny, and they are simple to install so that they are not intrusive. Blinds in your sunroom may appear paradoxical given their purpose, but they are a sensible summertime solution. Whether you use traditional blinds or shades, decreasing the amount of direct sunlight is critical since it deflects heat outdoors. Blinds also have the added benefit of increasing the seclusion of the sunroom. It is critical to keep the air flowing in your sunroom. If you have a ceiling fan, utilizing it in conjunction with the blinds will significantly cool the space. Portable fans can be used in sunrooms that do not have this crucial feature. Indeed, having fans at the bottom of the sunroom aids in the movement of air upward and out of the vents, resulting in natural circulation.

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