Getting some air conditioning for the coming summer

We are very close to being done with winter. While the temperatures are rising even into the 80’s down south, the gas furnace is still kicking on around these parts. But that’s to be expected given the sort of long, cold winter we experience in this part of the country. Yet, I’m starting to see a few signs of spring and the gas furnace is running less as we need less HVAC heating. Soon, the best time of year will be upon us. I love the spring and early summer in this part of the country. The temperatures are great and there is plenty of sunshine. The sun is sorely missed during the winter so I celebrate when spring and summer arrive. However, whether my wife and I are getting older or the summer is getting hotter, we made a change in HVAC equipment. There was sometimes a need for a window air conditioner in the summer. But over the last few years, it seems like we need more HVAC cooling in this house. So I had the HVAC company install central air conditioning for the coming summer. It’s really pretty great to have a thermostat that I can now simply flip over to HVAC cooling. Plus, I don’t have to fool with putting the dang window air conditioner in and out. That’s a production that I can live without. So I’m excited to see just how much we like this new HVAC equipment and HVAC cooling on demand. But first, I’m just thankful the gas furnace is slowing down and we are about to witness another miracle of rebirth. I just love this time of year.

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