A weekend away with my fiance

To surprise my fiance, I took us on a trip for a couple of days.

We drove out of the city to a small mountain town where I got us in a room in a gorgeous hotel.

We had a view of the mountains and a gorgeous heart shaped hot tub. And let’s not forget about the room service! I think my fiance and I must have ordered room service for every last meal we ate, and we certainly did not skimp on it, either. We tried one of everything! I only wish we could have stayed in that hotel room a little longer. When we got home, we both were feeling great, but that was until we felt how hot and humid the house was upon our return. The home was overheated and stuffy. It was obvious that the a/c was not running when it should have been. The first thing I did was check the temperature control. The temperature control seemed fine, but there was clearly no cool air circulating from the air conditioner. I don’t have much knowledge of heating and cooling, so I decided to call a repair service. I was certainly unhappy about paying for the repair after the 2 of us spent the whole weekend at the hotel spending money. I called many a/c repair services before I found someone that had an available repair worker. I had to spend money on a large repair fee because it was the weekend, so the services were only available on an emergency basis. The cost to have the a/c fixed was half of the cost of our entire weekend; After having a weekend of relaxing, the 2 of us were right back to another stressful situation due to the air conditioning repairs. We had so much fun, but that a/c problem took the wind out of our sails.
a/c set up