Fixing an cooling system for extra cash

When I first moved here I had nothing however a garbage bag filled with clothes, our tools, plus our old station wagon. My proposal was to live in the station wagon for a few weeks while I put together some cash. It wound up being a lot more difficult than I anticipated, plus it was only through the generosity of an old neighbor that I got to move out of the car. I stayed in an old labor shed on our friend’s property, so it wasn’t much better than a station wagon. I drove to the local swap meet to get a bedroll, a lamp, plus to look for a portable cooling system. Buying the portable cooling system served numerous causes – first, it would keep me comfortable in our current environment, plus hour, I could tune it up plus resell it for a profit. I am not a super smart guy, however I am superb at fixing things, plus always had a knack for the older models of cooling systems. The newer A/C units are too complex for me, however the old a singles are not difficult to tune up plus refurbish. I purchased a broken cooling system at the swap meet for a couple of bucks. Over the next few nights I repaired it, plus then used it at night for cooling down the shed where I was staying. The following week I was able to resell that cooling system for forty bucks. I was able to get some food, some beer, plus I spent a few bucks to buy numerous more broken cooling systems.

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