Had some bad HVAC experiences

My HVAC equipment had been working great since the time I bought my house.

My wife then read an article online that said you need to get yearly HVAC service.

I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn’t budge. She hired a HVAC technician, he did the service date and leaf. He took our money and left our HVAC in worse condition. It no longer turned on at all. I wasn’t pleased at all. I called the HVAC professional back and he told me my machine was no longer functional. He tried to act like the machine was going any day now and he happened to service it on its last day. I feel the guy broke my HVAC device. I ended up having to buy a new HVAC machine. I went to a different company this time. They said only the top of the line, most expensive machine was available. I ended up having to buy that since I was desperate for AC. When the guys came to install the HVAC machine I noticed that the pad the outdoor unit usually sits on wasn’t under it. I asked what the problem was. Apparently they brought too small of a pad and were just going to install it without one. No way! That would ruin the HVAC prematurely and they were just being lazy. I made them go back and get a new pad. After it was all installed I had working heating and air. I still haven’t found a decent HVAC company though. I am not happy with the experiences I have had so far.


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