Having a handy guy is way better

I remember when I was in my twenties looking for a partner.

My criteria was very different from what I was looking for in my thirties.

When I was younger I wanted a good looking guy that worked out, had some kind of job and was fun. When I got older I started caring less about physical appearance. Who cares if he has six pack abs? I wanted a guy that was handy. A handy guy is worth his weight in gold. I debated a hot guy that went to the gym everyday but he couldn’t even unclog a sink drain. We had to hire everything out or I had to figure it out. I was changing air filters, looking up garbage disposal troubleshooting and electrical issues. Later on in life I started dating a guy that liked beer and potato chips and it showed. However, he was a HVAC contractor. The guy had my HVAC machine working in tip top shape. I never had to worry about a dirty air filter, low coolant or an unexpected HVAC repair. He also was willing to mess around with my septic tank when it overflowed and took care of an electrical issue for me. I ended up marrying that guy because of many reasons, but a good reason was how handy he was. Having a guy just take care of things is nice and it saves you money. I no longer hire out HVAC services, plumbing and electrical jobs. Yes, I would like my man to lose a bit of weight, but you can’t have everything.

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