I totally needed this space heating machine from the thrift store

I purchased an area furnace at a thrift store, plus I was so thrilled about it.

I desperately needed an area heater.

I live in a camper, plus I do not like it very much at all. Living in a camper has absolutely been cheaper than residing in most places, although I thought that I would love it more than I actually did. However after a few months, I found out that you get exhausted of residing in a small space, plus there are a lot of things that you have to remember when you live in one of these things. Instead of enjoying myself, I ended up not caring for it too much. Wintertime has been the hardest. I spent months trying to insulate the heat in my camper, but it hasn’t helped too much… One of the main setbacks with the camper is the furnace. Although the furnace works pretty well as far as furnaces go, this camper loses a fairly good amount of heat, plus the furnace cannot keep up. I had to get an area furnace to be able to heat my camper… However, I could not afford a camper at first because they were so expensive. I thought that area heating machines were cheap, although I never entirely looked for one until now. I thought that I was going to have to quit, but after that I found this cool area furnace at a thrift store, however the area furnace that I found had a ton of features. It was one of the nicer area heaters, which I wasn’t even looking at since I couldn’t afford a brand new one. It appeared to be like a fireplace, plus it heated up an entire room pretty fast. I was anxious that it wouldn’t work so well since it was used, although I have been using the area heating machine for a while, plus it works quite nicely. It is one of the best things that I have ever bought at a thrift store to be honest.


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