I wanted to go to school, just not to college.

After graduation from high school, I knew I wanted to go to school.

  • I just did not want to go to college.

I could see how technical school would help me more than college. I couldn’t see going back and taking history, and math, and physical education, when all I wanted to be was an HVAC technician. It seemed like a waste of time and money to go through all the studies again when it did not pertain to what I wanted to do after graduation. I told mom and dad that I wanted to go to HVAC technical school, and they were there for me. Dad wanted to know what I planned on doing after going to technical school. It sounded like a stupid question, but I thought he was asking if I was going to work for an HVAC company, and if I had any idea who. I knew that being asked to take an apprenticeship from an HVAC company right out of school was a big deal. I hoped to be asked if I wanted an apprenticeship. First, I had to go to HVAC technical school. After I get through technical school, I had to get my HVAC certification. It all depended on how well I did in school and on my certification test, whether they would offer me an apprenticeship with one of our local HVAC companies. Who knows? Maybe I’ll own a HVAC company someday. The kid who was always getting in trouble for goofing off was finally deciding about his future. I just hope it all turns out how I am planning.



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