Moving into a new position

My lawyer says I can’t discuss the details until after everything is settled, but basically I took a spill off a third floor balcony.

I was working at the time, and something just happened.

I’ve never had an accident at work before, and this one was pretty bad. I broke both of my legs in several places. I could no longer work in my old position, but once I was mobile enough in my new wheelchair the company owner gave me a new job in the front office. I have always been an HVAC tech and felt a little weird being at a desk all day, but it turns out I’m pretty good at it! I was able to handle simple tasks, but it seemed that the days of me performing A/C checkups and duct cleanings were behind me. On the positive side, my boss learned that having an experienced HVAC tech running the office made the entire business run more smoothly. Since I know a lot more about HVAC systems than the previous secretary who worked here, I can more easily fill out the work orders and get things done. Is it a matter of air quality or comfort, do they need a total duct cleaning or just an annual inspection? Different HVAC techs have different specialties, and I am in the position to put the right workers on the right jobs. This leads to a faster completion rate on our day to day HVAC repair jobs, and with higher efficiency it means that we are all making more money now!

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