The spa experience was so nice for mother’s day

This year for Mother’s Day, my daughters decided to take me to a spa for the weekend.

I’m not the type of person that would ever pay for a lavish and expensive spot weekend, but my girls knew it would be fun and relaxing.

I was glad that they plan for all three of us to be together. It certainly would not have been as much fun if I had been by myself. The three of us had a large sweet and each one of us had our own bedroom. Each one of the bedrooms had separate and private temperature controls. The floors had radiant heat throughout the whole room and the spa. The radiant heated flooring was probably one of my favorite Parts about the entire experience. The warm flooring made the experience inviting and comfortable. As we walked around the spa in our flip-flops or bare feet, there wasn’t a single bit of change in temperature. The flooring was warm everywhere that we walked. The radiant heated flooring was one of the things that I told my husband about when we came home from the spot. I wondered if it would be difficult or easy to install the same type of heated flooring in our home. I also mentioned the wonderful massages that I received at the spot. I’m hopeful that my husband will offer to start rubbing my feet or my back if I mention the spa a couple of times. I loved being pampered at the spa and it was nice to feel like a queen for a day.


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