While the classrooms are being fumigated, we have portable classrooms

I told the maintenance staff that I heard a strange sound coming from the ventilation duct work in my classroom.

I was told that the noises were the sound of the furnace.

I knew there was no way that was true, since I have a furnace in my own home and it never sounds like that. It seemed like the issue could be mice running around inside of the walls. When the school board was forced to do something about the rat problem, I was moved to a portable classroom outside. The school paid for two portable classrooms to be set up outside. The kids and I were forced into one of the classrooms. I had another teacher join me with all 26 of her students. We barely have any room at all for the kids to sit. The worst part about the portable classrooms are the fact that they do not have any heat or air conditioning. If the temperatures are warm, the kids are warm. If it rains, the building frequently leaks. The principal told us that it would take approximately two weeks for all of the fumigation services to be finished, but I think she is off on that number, because it really doesn’t look like they are close to being finished and the two-week time frame is going to be up in a couple of days. I haven’t even seen any of the workers at all this week. It seems like they started the project one week and then went on a permanent lunch break for the next week.


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