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I made a youtube channel

I made a youtube channel dedicated to HVAC information. It all started when I became an HVAC technician. I was tired of being called into people’s homes to fix tiny problems with their window air conditioner or gas furnace that could have easily been fixed by the person themselves. In this channel I made videos […]

The final mission

The final steps were in play. Every furnace and cooling system in the capital building of dozens of countries had a chip in them. This chip would override the smart thermostat, wifi thermostat, dial thermostat, and any other thermostat that was connected to it. It would cause the HVAC units to send poison through the […]

The plan was initiated

Now that every capital building in our area had a chip in their central air conditioners, hot water boilers, and other heating and cooling systems, it was time to initiate the plan. The goal was that a single button would be pressed, and the chips in the HVAC units would unleash a strong poison. This […]

I infiltrated another HVAC unit.

After implanting a chip in the hot water boiler and multi split air conditioner in the southern castle, and also in the multiple furnaces of the northern capitol, I was sent to the east capital building. This proved to be the most challenging. I was sent as an HVAC technician to the capitol building. I […]

HVAC air filter change makes a big difference

For me, I had no idea that inside air could really be all that unhealthy. This is due to the misunderstanding that air pollution is an outside thing alone. But that’s what I thought. My idea of air pollution was vehicle and factory exhaust that made the air smell bad and noxious to breathe. That […]