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Oil furnace rackets can be because of a clogged air filter

If you hear a banging racket coming from your heating system, you may have a mechanical problem Old homes with an old heating system can make rackets. The old homes make more rackets than others for many reasons, however, some rackets must be taken seriously. Heating system makes different rackets with different solutions. A high-pitched, […]

Reasons why the gas furnace is noisy

In older homes, fuses plus wring must be replaced within your furnace, otherwise short circuits plus other complications result in humming noises Living in an older property with an older furnace, it’s easy to occasionally experience sounds coming from the system. It’s true there are numerous reasons why such properties make more sounds than others. […]

Why is my furnace making noise?

If you live in an older home with an older furnace, you may sometimes experience noises coming from it. While there are many reasons why older houses make more noise than others, some noises may be of a greater cause for concern. Here are some of the noises you may hear coming from your furnace, […]

My neighbor’s gas furnace was faulty

We live in a colder climate, and there is nothing more aggravating than switching on your gas furnace in winter, only to find chilly air blowing from the vents. This happened to my neighbor who depends on his gas furnace for the comfort of himself plus his family. If chilly air is coming from your […]

Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

If you live in a colder climate, there is nothing more frustrating than turning on your furnace on a chilly day, only to find cold air blowing from your vents. If you are like me, then you depend on your furnace for the comfort of you and your family. If cold air is blowing from […]