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I understand the divorce now

At first it was a shock to me when my parents split. I mean they were together my entire life and then just one day was done with each other. I got my father in the divorce and now I see why things were tough. My dad has a lot of work. He demands meat […]

Stuck doing things for my parents

There are pros and cons living near my parents. It is really nice when I go on trips that my mother can always watch my cat. I also have someone that is willing to go grocery shopping, to a concert, to the movies or wherever with me. I always have someone to talk to when […]

I want him to split the maintenance plan with me

My husband is so stingy when it comes to buying anything. I would say 90% of our fights can be traced back to a financial reason. Thank goodness we work at separate businesses, have our own bank accounts and pay for different things. I think we would kill each other if we had a joint […]

Adding heated flooring ourselves

I have been living without a kitchen since February. I figured it would be easy to get people to take my money and give me a product. Nope, nobody wants to work currently. My husband and I gutted our kitchen and have done as much as we can ourselves. We were going to hire everything […]

Finally getting my ductwork cleaned

I finally hired out ductwork cleaning and it was more than worth the money. They say every seven years you should get your ductwork cleaned. I had just bought my house. I figured the previous homeowner wasn’t on top of ductwork cleaning. Normally it wouldn’t bother me and I wouldn’t think about how clean my […]

Messed up my vents

When I bought my house I was disgusted to see all the popcorn ceilings. I hate popcorn ceilings since they catch webs, are difficult to paint and they look ugly. What was that ever a fad? I went room by room scraping it off and making it smooth. It was a horrendous project. I had […]

There was no air in the kitchen

One of my favorite things to do is bake and cook. I love to spend my time in the kitchen. I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my family in that space. I would consider that my office, because I’m there all day. In the morning, I make a hot breakfast with eggs, French toast, […]

It was cold that weekend, so we got a cabin

We spent Saturday and Sunday night in the cabin instead of the tent. My girlfriend and I planned to go camping last weekend. We were set with our plans to sleep in a tent. I even borrowed a tiny heater from my mom and dad so we wouldn’t have to worry about being cold. The […]