Air purifier has me breathing deep and loving it

And that meant calling the experts at the HVAC company.

I would honestly stay at work long hours just so I didn’t have to go home. This sounds like a case of bad marriage right? Well believe it or not, it had nothing to do with anything but the indoor air quality of my house. That’s a nice way of saying the air in my house smelled gross. And the HVAC unit seemed to just be recycling those odors over and over again. Why didn’t I open a window for some fresh air right? Well, we live in a region where the heating and cooling is running just about year round. There are very few days where the temperatures are conducive to opening the windows. Plus, we have such a tight house to save on heating and cooling expenses that the odors just hang on and on. Every day I came home wanting to experience that wonderful feeling of being home in the air conditioning. And every day I was hit instead with nasty indoor air quality. This resulted in me trying just everything on the market when it came to deodorizers. I ran the gamut of sprays, plug ins and candles. While they provided some temporary relief, it was very temporary and the odors would be right there lurking. So it seemed as though I needed to address this indoor air problem at the source. And that meant calling the experts at the HVAC company. I just wish I had done this sooner because they were able to solve my problem with a whole home air purification system. It didn’t even take a full day before I was breathing deeply and enjoying every second of it. Needless to say, I’m not spending late nights at work anymore.

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Solved HVAC ventilation problem

We bought a home that was designed with a wide open floor plan when it was originally built.

  • But when we bought it, we needed more interior walls for bedrooms to put kids in.

And it wasn’t too big a hassle to take care of. I’m sort of handy and my brother is a carpenter so we were able to make relatively short work of creating some bedrooms. What we didn’t realize was the effect the new walls would have on the old HVAC ventilation design. While we had made sure that new HVAC equipment was part of the sale, we still had the same ductwork pattern and design. And that HVAC ventilation layout was changed by the addition of the new interior walls. This resulted in some rather weird temperatures. There were parts of the house that seemed to need more cooling and heating depending on the season. Initially, I thought it was due to the new HVAC equipment. I figured that perhaps it was the wrong size of the previous owner cheaped out on inferior equipment. However, the HVAC technician tuned me into the fact that the new HVAC equipment wasn’t the problem at all. It was the interior walls. But there was actually a rather easy fix. All I had to do was install some room to room ventilators in the new walls. These little fans either pushed or pulled HVAC air flow in order to equalize the heating and cooling distribution. It was an inexpensive fix that really has made the difference for us. Now our home is full of the quality heating and air we expected.

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Working out at home in perfect HVAC comfort

Finding the motivation to get my exercise in has been a sort of hit and miss proposition for me.

Actually, it’s been a lot more miss than hit if the truth be told.

I’ve just never really had it in me to get to a workout. It’s the opposite really. I have been willing to use any and all excuses to keep my butt firmly planted in my chair enjoying the air conditioning instead of exercising. That’s just the truth. But that paradigm has changed. And it changed for several reasons. I turned 50 and my doctor really got in my grill about my fitness level. Then my wife joined a gym and got in super great shape. This was both an inspiration and a challenge for me. She too has never been one for working out. So I went to the gym with her. And I thought I could deal with it. But the HVAC equipment in that gym was just not getting it done. It was one thing to sweat from exercise but another to sweat so much for lack of good air conditioning. Once again, I had that excuse and rode it all the way back to the air conditioning in my home. But my wife would not give up on me. She convinced me to put in a home gym in our basement. What’s more, she called the HVAC company to have them install a ductless heat pump down there so there would be no excuses. It worked. I’m not getting in the best shape of my life with my wife as motivator and coach. Plus, I’m enjoying every bit of the great air conditioning from the ductless heat pump.

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Finally found the air conditioning I’ve been looking for on the road

While I didn’t necessarily enjoy being away from home for that amount of time, I found another wonderful heating and cooling surprise

My business keeps me on the road much of the year. Well, I should say I have to travel a lot for my work. Up until this past year, I have always been flying to my business destinations. That has also meant plenty of hours in the air with uncomfortable heating and cooling. Additionally, many of the place that I chose for lodging also had ill equipped heating and cooling in the rooms. It was like this for so long that I sort of just accepted that, as I travel, I’ll be dealing with HVAC deficiencies. But when the pandemic hit and closed our offices with the zone controlled HVAC, things changed. I did my work from home in my own air conditioning but I still needed to be onsite for business. Feeling less than great about air travel, I chose to actually hit the road. This meant loading up the car for weeks worth of travel at a time. Right from the beginning, I noted that my travel was far more comfortable. My car has great heating and cooling so that was never a problem. Plus, there was no cramped spaces or the hassle of airport security and cancelled flights to deal with. While I didn’t necessarily enjoy being away from home for that amount of time, I found another wonderful heating and cooling surprise. I chose to stay at the mid tier hotels near the interstate for convenience and to save a bit of money for the company. But what I found was very consistent heating and cooling due to the good HVAC equipment in those hotels.

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Fundamental approach to saving on HVAC cooling

I have seen the rookies come and I have seen them go.

Where I live, there are always a group of new folks who move down here from up north in the fall.

They are over joyed with not having a gas furnace to feed all winter. And the fact that they can get outside to enjoy the great weather is almost hard for them to get their head around. It’s great to see but inevitably, there comes a change. The air conditioning starts cycling on about mid March and by mid May, it’s hotter than the summers back home. So when our summer heat and humidity hit, it’s like these people are living on another planet. There are plenty of these folks who just simply bail out over the four months of intense summer heat and humidity. For others, I always suggest a very fundamental way to embrace the heat while saving a bunch of money on HVAC cooling costs. Obviously, this region needs air conditioning during the summer. But there are plenty of people who over do it for no reason. For these people, I always suggest that acclimating to the heat is the way to go. As the temperature rises through the spring, just get more and more accustomed to it. By the time the serious heat is here, an 80 degree house sure feels cool midday on a summer scorcher. Not only does one get normalized to the heat, but the higher thermostat setting saves so much on HVAC cooling. It’s a win win proposition as far as I’m concerned and it’ll make you a native to the area a whole lot quicker.
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My house, my HVAC thermostat

It’s weird how mom’s tend to think you’re still a kid even though you’re dang near fifty.

That is certainly the case with my mom.

She still tells me what to do and gives me grief about things that are frankly none of her business. I wonder if it would be different had I chosen to be a dad? Regardless, with my mom, it’s basically her way or no way. So I often have to deal with visits that are sweltering because she has some really strange thermostat settings. Normally, my wife and I try to visit each Christmas. My mom is pretty crazy about the holidays and she wants to celebrate at her place. She lives well north of us and gets a white Christmas quite often. But with the thermostat setting on the gas furnace, you’d think you were in the tropics. My mom keeps her house so hot that it’s almost unbearable. Like, I’m sweating simply trying to eat breakfast in the morning at her place. That’s first thing in the morning! But like I said, it’s her way or the highway. However, I flipped the script on her this past Christmas. Due to a rare work need, I couldn’t take the time off over Christmas. So she had to come to us. And of course, the first thing she did was to start with our thermostat. But to mom’s surprise, she couldn’t do anything to change the thermostat setting. We have a smart thermostat that doesn’t allow for manual manipulation unless you have the code. And I so had the code so this Christmas was actually comfortable because if it’s my house, then it’s my HVAC setting.

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There was something overhead in the air ducts

When we used to go to the old house that my grandma and grandpa used to live in, there were a lot of weird things in there.

They used to say that there were spirits in their old house and it used to scare me to death when I was a kid. I hated going upstairs in their house and I remember one summer when my grandma made me go up there to do some cleaning when I was staying there for the week. Now that I’m older, I can’t even remember what it was that she asked me to clean for her, but I’m pretty sure that it had something to do with the heating and cooling ducts up there because I remember climbing up on a ladder and messing around with something in the ceiling. Of course, up in the attic, there was ductwork in the ceiling and in the floor too because that was the ventilation for the level of the house below me. Well, whenever I went to clean out the air ducts in the floor, I ended up finding all kinds of things inside of them. It was like someone had been hiding secrets in the ductwork of that old house for years. I was surprised that the HVAC technicians had not found this stuff, but my grandma told me that she never sends HVAC workers up to the attic. I found letters and jewelry and even some gold coins up there. When I went to look overhead, though, I heard a creepy snuffling noise and some loud breathing. That’s when I grabbed the gold and the jewelry and I got the heck out of the attic!

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I’m wondering if I can overuse my air conditioning system

I’m starting to wonder if I can overuse my air conditioning system in my house.

I know that probably sounds silly, but I am moving into this country from another one where I did not even have a heating and cooling system in my house. The place where I used to live was very rural and hardly anyone had much of a heating and cooling system installed in their homes. Most people had a woodstove or a fireplace of some sort in their house, but this was mainly for cooking. The country that I was raised in was very primitive and also a very hot country! We honestly didn’t need a furnace during the winter because it was very rare that the temperatures there get below 70 degrees or so, even in the middle of the winter. During the summer, no one had air conditioning except for the very rich people who lived in the towns. None of the regular townspeople or any of my family ever had an air conditioning system. Whenever I would go into town for banking or shopping, sometimes the bigger buildings would have cooling systems installed and we always used to think that it was crazy how cold it felt inside of these places. I still can’t believe that I am living here in this country now and just about everyone that I have met has air conditioning of some sort! And to me, it’s not really even that hot here in the summer. I like using the A/C but sometimes I’m afraid that I will use it too much and tear it up.

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I need to either update or repair my air conditioning system

I’ve gotten to the point where I really have to make a decision about whether I want to update my old air conditioning system or just replace the whole thing.

  • It’s one of those things that they call a catch 22 situation, though, I think.

I feel like it will cost me a small fortune if I decide to go ahead and replace the entire central air conditioning unit. I don’t really have that kind of money to spend right now especially since I am trying to save up for a big family vacation in the fall. Of course, right now when the temperatures outside are super hot and the weather is just miserably humid outside, the central air conditioning system seems to be the most important thing that there is! I really would prefer to go ahead and replace the entire system totally, but I know that it would probably be a lot cheaper for me to just repair it right now. And yet, while a repair would be cheaper right now, I know that it won’t really benefit me in the long run. That’s because I am fully aware of the fact that fixing my A/C system will just be like putting a bandaid onto a gaping wound or something. The repair will only fix the A/C for a matter of time, and then I will be right back in the same position once again. I just don’t know what to do. Either way, I feel like I will be wasting money. I guess it’s just a matter of when I am going to have to pay the HVAC company.

HVAC technology

I met a cute HVAC guy yesterday

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my local HVAC company to have my air conditioning system repaired.

The A/C stopped working and we were having a really hot week last week.

The temperatures were in the nineties last week and so there was just no way that I was going to make it through the rest of the week without my central A/C being in working condition. I tried for a couple of minutes to fix it myself but I don’t really know anything about air conditioning repairs. I couldn’t figure out what the issue was with the A/C, which wasn’t exactly a big surprise to me. I ended up calling our local HVAC company and making an appointment for an air conditioning repair. I sweated like crazy and tried to stay cool in front of the fan for a couple of days until finally the HVAC technician pulled up in my driveway. I was so happy to see him that I nearly hugged him when he came to the door. It certainly didn’t hurt matters when I noticed how cute this guy was. I have never seen a handsome HVAC technician before, but this guy really took the cake. I think that he was probably the best looking guy in a uniform that I have ever seen. He was really good at getting my air conditioning up and running again and he was a great conversationalist, too. I think I’m going to call up the HVAC company and see if I can get his phone number!


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