Waking up with a sunburn

I really hope the sunburn doesn’t last for too long because I can’t keep up with these air conditioning habits.

I had the most fun day yesterday with my friends. We went out on the boat all day for a friend’s birthday and it was so much fun! The only bad part about the day was that I woke up this morning with the worst sunburn of my life. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a bad sunburn before but it can be paralyzing. I feel like I can’t move and don’t want anything to touch my skin. Taking a shower is out of the question too. Since I am so sunburned and my skin is so hard to touch, all I want is to lay in bed with the air conditioning blasting so that I feel the cold air on my skin. I just want to be cold and I don’t want to move. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I have the air conditioning I’m running all day and I have the thermostat set to 60° in the house. He’s walking around with a giant coat on and I am laying in bed with nothing on trying to get cool. I really hope the sunburn doesn’t last for too long because I can’t keep up with these air conditioning habits. If I keep up with these air conditioning habits our utility bill is going to skyrocket and I know my husband isn’t going to stand for that for too long. I really hope the sunburn doesn’t last for too long because I can’t keep up with these air-conditioning habits. If I keep up with these air conditioning habits our utility bill is going to skyrocket and I know my husband isn’t going to see him for that for too long.

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Working on a fishing boat

However, I do have to complain about the heating and cooling system on the boat.

I recently decided to quit my corporate job and start working for a local fishing company. I know that sounds like a crazy statement but I was just sick and tired Of going into work every day. I hated my job and I hated the corporate life and I knew I needed a big change. One thing I know I loved was fishing, I know that working on a fishing boat isn’t going to be the same as recreational fishing with my buddies. However, I am just excited for a change of pace and do something I actually love every day. I’ve been working on the fishing boat for a few weeks now and so far everything is good. However, I do have to complain about the heating and cooling system on the boat. I didn’t know what to expect with the heating and cooling system because it is on a boat and typically boats don’t have the best heating and cooling systems. But I decided to give it a shot because I wanted a big change, and I have been disappointed to say the least. I don’t actually think there’s an air conditioner on this boat, just fans strategically placed To keep an airflow going that feels like air-conditioning. It’s pretty hot outside so we haven’t had to turn on the heating system, but if it’s anything like the air-conditioning system I don’t have High hopes.



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Ready for cooler weather

I live in the southern part of the country and the hot weather is starting to really bother me. It’s not even March Yet and I am already sweating through my clothes every day when I walk outside. Unfortunately for me the hot weather is only going to get hotter. I’m really dying for some cooler weather right now but I don’t think that will come until December. December really seems like a long way from now and I know that it’s only going to get worse from here. The one thing that Does make me happy is that my husband installed a brand new state of the art heating and cooling system in our house about six months ago. If there is anyone that hates the Hot weather more than me, it’s my husband. He told me he was sick and tired of the hot humid weather during the summer and he was going to buy the most expensive heating and cooling system that money Could buy. At first I thought this was a bad financial decision, but after living with the brand new heating and cooling system for a few weeks I knew it was not. The house is cool, the air is crisp and I have not been happier in months to live in this part of the country. I was considering moving to a part of the country that didn’t have to deal with heat like this but with her brand new heating and cooling system I think I’ll be just fine. Big thanks to my husband for getting this heating and cooling system installed in our house because I know I would have never spent the money to do that.

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HVAC worker during a pandemic -virtual house calls

I wasn’t sure what the virtual house call was since I needed to have an HVAC tech come out to my house and service the HVAC system but I was willing to give it a try.

Well it’s officially been a year since the pandemic Hit our country hard. Thankfully it seems like things are starting to slowly get back to normal which is amazing. However things are still not completely back to normal for my family. I am still working from home so I still have to make sure that everything is working Around the house while I am at home to ensure that I have a smooth workday every day. Normally I don’t worry too much about our HVAC system because my husband handles that, but since he’s going back into his office it has been my job to take care of these kinds of things around the house. So I called the local HVAC company that we typically use, and they mentioned they are still doing virtual house calls. I wasn’t sure what the virtual house call was since I needed to have an HVAC tech come out to my house and service the HVAC system but I was willing to give it a try. The virtual house call went much smoother than I thought because the HVAC technician that I worked with was very well informed. He walked me through a few small steps with my HVAC system and I was able to get All the problems solved without having to have the HVAC technician actually come out to the house. This worked out great for me because it was on my time and I didn’t have to wonder about a stranger coming into my house and getting everyone sick. It was also good for the HVAC worker because he was able to work from his house as well and not have to worry about getting sick himself.
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A freak snowstorm meant cranking up the heating unit

Living in the north has its packs. Though the area is isolated in some ways, it has excellent job opportunities. Many people opt to move away in search of sunny places. So, there are many vacancies available for people willing to live in the area. After graduating from college, it wasn’t easy to get a job in our small town. That’s why I made the shift despite the frigid conditions. The opportunity was excellent, and I had all the amenities I needed. The house I got had a perfect heating unit. It made sure my home was always warm, so I didn’t mind the snow that much. But, signs of spring were everywhere, much to my delight. At least I’d soon switch to a cooling mode in the summertime. However, the illusion of spring didn’t last. One afternoon, I’d just gotten home in the nick of time to turn up the air conditioning unit. A freak snowstorm had descended on the area, causing temperatures to drop dramatically. I had to crank up the heating and cooling company to avoid freezing in my home. Thankfully, the snowstorm hadn’t affected the power supply. I kept checking the thermostat, making sure there was no problem with the HVAC system. There was no hope of an AC expert getting to my house in those conditions if it broke. The only solution would be to start a fire. But, I didn’t need to because the quality HVAC held its own. It kept spewing hot air, which kept me warm until the storm had passed. After that, I called the AC company to come to take a look. The air con was making a little squealing noise which wasn’t the norm. I knew it was overworked, but it was the best way to heat the house.


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Diagnosing different smells from your furnace

Smells, sounds, and other alarming indicators may destabilize your peace when using the furnace.

Sometimes, all one needs to identify the strange smell or sound to diagnose the potential issue quickly. Fortunately, most of the problems are easy to deal with, but others may require the technical intervention of HVAC professionals. Either way, the first step is to understand what each smell means and attempt to find a solution for it. There are two categories of odors one needs to consider. The first one is the hazardous odors which are those that can be dangerous to your health. Chemical smells, for instance, could indicate that there is a crack in the heat exchanger component of your heating pump or furnace. This is what increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and should not be ignored when detected. Switch off the HVAC system immediately and vacate the house until the problem is fixed. Secondly, you can also detect electrical burning smells. These may result from overheating, which happens when metallic components rub against each other and overheat or when a rubber comment is damaged. Sometimes, the issue comes about when specific components overheat and blow. You need to hire a competent HVAC contractor to assess and fix this issue. Please do not attempt to handle it on your own. Once you perceive the smell of rotten eggs, a major problem needs to be fixed. Sulfur smells may be indicative of gas leaks. When the intensity of the smell increases beyond what you consider reasonable, call your gas company for assistance.


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Harmless smells front he furnace

It is unwise to ignore any strange smells from the furnace.

As long as the scent you perceive is different from what you usually would expect, then there is cause for alarm.

More often than not, these smells will indicate an underlying issue that may be dangerous or not. S such, assuming it could be a wrong move, especially if it eventually becomes detrimental. However, if you are knowledgeable about some of the smells, you can control your ability to handle the situation or panic. After all, all HVAC challenges have a solution. Some may require emergency intervention, while others may wait for a later fix. Please do not rush to call your HVAC technician when any of the following happens when it comes to odors. These are normal smells that have quick fixes. First, you should never panic whenever you perceive dust or first burning smells. This is an issue that comes up mostly when using your furnace after a long period of disuse. Fortunately, the burning smell often lifts after a few minutes since the dust accumulated burns out quickly. It should also not be so intense but rather a light burning odor that dissipates quickly. Oil odors should also be safe to work with since they signify a clogged oil filter. Once replaced, this issue will be sorted out fast enough. Sometimes, instead of the dust-burning smell, you are likely to perceive a musty smell when the furnace is switched on. This is a result of accumulated dampness over time. However, if you feel that the smells linger for longer periods than you would like, consider having an HVAC contractor check the issue out. This could improve air quality as well.




What could be the problem when my house smells smoky and oily during hot seasons

Are you using an oil furnace? If so, then you are likely to depict oily and smoky smells once the furnace is on.

It is even more pronounced in summer or heating seasons when most of the oil is slowly dissipating.

When you realize that the atmosphere in your house is oily and smoky, you need to check the furnace or such possibilities. A good furnace should not release such fumes, but it becomes inevitable when the oil filter has an issue. Ideally, you should not feel the smell of oil inside your house. For the oil smell that results when switching on the furnace, the chances are that you are dealing with an issue of clogged filters. Changing the filter is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. If it persists after the filter change, consider working with an HVAC professional who is familiar with the entire process. For smoky smells, several things could be happening. One of the most common ones is the fact that you may be dealing with an overheated motor, wiring, or fan. Usually, excess insulation may result in overheating, which could trigger a smoky smell. Due to the excess heat, the fan, wiring, and motor may burn and produce the smoky smell that you perceive inside the house. In the case of the motor, the smoky smell results from overheating that occurs, which affects the lubricant used in the motor. In case the smell becomes unbearable, switch off the system and call in the relevant experts to come and check out the issue extensively.



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Effects of radiant heating and cooling in your home's indoor environment

Radiant HVAC systems work by running heating elements under your floor or through the walls or ceilings.

Radiant cooling systems work the same way but utilize underfloor tubing to absorb the excess heat. Radiant heating and cooling are gaining massive popularity due to their efficiency. Unlike forced-air heating and cooling systems, no energy is lost through your ductwork. The lack of moving air is advantageous for severe allergy sufferers. Radiant heating and cooling systems are very consistent and comfortable, making them ideal for new homes. However, they are only ideal for dry climates as they can create wet floors in highly humid environments. The principle behind radiant heating is to heat your walls or floor, warming the occupants by heat radiating from those surfaces. The floors are warmed by circulating hot air via channels built into the subflooring. Since air is the medium, the thermal losses included in radiant air systems are significant. They are mostly recommended for small residential or commercial installation. Radiant cooling reverses the principles of radiant heating. A radiant cooling system extracts radiant heat out of your rooms to reduce indoor temperatures. A typical system includes highly-heat absorbent metal panels that integrate tubes distributing chilled water. The ceiling panels act as passive heat exchangers since they absorb heat energy rising out of the air. Your indoor space has to be dehumidified at all times. Even a small amount of water vapor causes condensation to form in your indoor environment, interfering with heat extraction. Extremely low humidity levels in your indoor environment negatively impact your air quality.

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Benefits of supplementing your HVAC system with portable air cleaners

One of the most effective ways to improve your indoor air quality is to remove the sources of pollutants in your indoor air. Filtration can be an effective supplement to source control as well as ventilation. Using a portable air cleaner and upgrading the air filter in your home’s HVAC system can work hand in hand to help to improve your indoor air quality. Portable air cleaners, also referred to as air purifiers or air sanitizers, are built and designed to filter the air in a single area or room. An air purifier is a good air cleaning solution for any home, especially if a member of your family has certain conditions such as respiratory problems, a smoking addiction, asthma, or allergies to dust, pet dander, pollen, etc. When installed in the ductwork of your home’s HVAC system, air purifiers will trap and eliminate indoor air pollutants more effectively compared to the simple pleated air filter that you may be having. The latest air purifiers utilize high-efficiency mechanical filters, electrostatic force, or ultraviolet light to rid the air pathogens and pollutants. This allows for fresher, healthier indoor air that neutralizes odors while enabling better respiratory health. Supplementing your HVAC system with portable air cleaners will also reduce the workload of your system. Your HVAC air filter will no longer work as hard to make the air your breath clean, leading to less wear and tear. Even so, its efficiency will be improved, ensuring optimal airflow. When air flows through your system optimally, you will improve your HVAC’s performance.
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